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All parts are now either molded in white or very light grey unless otherwise specified.

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My kits may contain some of these parts or special 'kit only' parts which may be molded in either white or grey.

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Driver Details - Figures, Busts, Heads & Helmets
Interiors & Interior Parts
Exterior Parts
Windscreens & Windshields
Performance & Chassis Components

Scenic Elements

Driver Figures, Busts & Heads

DR01 - '60s F1 Driver Body. Molded in white.  $4.00 ea.
  DRBUST01 - '50s & '60s Sportscar Bust. Molded in white. $2.00 ea.
  DRBUST01a - '50s & '60s Sportscar Bust to fit Interior. Molded in white. $2.00 ea.
HD01 - Vintage $1.00 ea.
HD02 - Classic TransAm / NASCAR $1.00 ea.
HD03 - Classic $1.00 ea.
HD04 - 60's $1.00 ea.
HD05 - Without Helmet $1.00 ea.
HD06 - 50's $1.00 ea.
HD07 - 60's $1.00 ea.
HD08 - 60's $1.00 ea.
HD09 - 60's $1.00 ea.
HD10 - 50's early 60's $1.00 ea.
HD11 - mid through late 60's (Dan Gurney) $1.00 ea.
HD12 - [HD06 but with a 3/32 round post] $1.00 ea.
HD13 - 60's $1.00 ea.
HD14 - 50's early 60's $1.00 ea.
HT70SCAL - Vintage late 60's and early 70's Scalextric $1.00 ea.
HT70 - late 60's through 80's helmet (two pieces: helmet & shield) Helmets molded in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange. Custom colours for orders of 10 or more. Shields are all grey.  $2.50 ea.
HT00 - Modern 90's through 00's helmet (two pieces: helmet & shield)

Both helmet & shield only in white

$2.00 ea.

Interiors & Interior Parts

  INTRAY01 - Replacement tray for the Ninco AC Cobra. Allows you to lower the body 2 - 3 mm over any inline motor configuration. May be used in other sports car models, with minor modification. Uses stock dashboard and steering wheel (not shown). Comes with DRBUST01a. Molded in grey.  $5.00 ea.
SEAT01 - Simple seat which can be cut down to size and mounted to a flat piece of styrene. Molded in grey.  $2.00 ea.
GAUGES01 - Classic GP Style Gauge Panel. Molded in grey. $1.50 ea.
SW01LRG - Large three spoke steering wheel. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
SW02XLRG - XLarge three spoke steering wheel. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
SW03SM - Small CANAM/F1 three spoke steering wheel. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
SHIFTER01 - Sportscar shifter. Perfect for your Ferrari and others. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
FEXT01 - Small Fire Extinguisher. Molded in white or grey right now. $1.00 ea.

Exterior Parts

HL01 - Large round headlight with separate bezel. Headlight and bezel both molded in clear plastic. $4.00 /pr.
MIR01 - Porsche 917/10 style mirrors (right & left). Direct fit for Fly Porsche 917/10. Molded in white. $2.00 /pr.
MIR02 - Classic GP style mirrors (right & left). Can be mounted on any classic GP car. Slightly oversized but look great! Direct fit for Monogram Lotus 33. Molded in white. $2.00 /pr.
MIR03 - Porsche 908 style single mirror. Direct fit for any Fly 908 model and others. Molded in white. $1.50 ea.
GC01 - Simple mushroom style cap. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
GC02 - Vintage latched style cap. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.
I01 - Simple Intake. Molded in grey or white. $2.00 /pr.
I02 - Simple Intake. Molded in grey or white. $2.00 ea.
I03 -  Basic Intake. Molded in grey. $2.00 ea.
TM01 - Basic Transmission. Molded in grey or white. $1.00 ea.
TM02 - Basic Transmission. Molded in grey or white. $1.00 ea.
TM03 - Basic Transmission & Exhaust. Molded in grey or white. $1.00 ea.
SP01 - Sidepipes for classic American muscle cars. Molded in grey. $2.00 /pr.
EX01 - Dual tipped exhausts (1 Pair). Molded in grey or white. $2.00 /pr.
WH01 - Replacement wheels for NASCAR. Fits any 3/32 axle. Molded in grey. For use with DArt NASCAR Tire PN: SC0705.  $2.00 /pr.

Windscreens & Windshields

A few helpful tips on windscreens generally:
  • Remember to carefully remove any flashing using a hobby knife prior to installation. Although these windscreens are of a high quality it never hurts to polish & clean them using a fine polishing compound, especially on flat surfaces. You can also use a clear acrylic polish (such as 'Future' brand floor polish) to put a final coat on any windscreen. This will both hide any surface blemishes and give your windscreen a dazzling sheen. I typically dip a windscreen into a solution of 'Future' with a drop of dishwashing liquid and carefully whisk away any excess. If accidentally you mess this up you can just re-dip to get a nice even coat. Remember to cover your windscreen to prevent dust particles from adhering to it as the solution dries.
  • Use a good quality clear epoxy to 'glue' your windscreen in place - it will dry clear and if applied carefully (remember 'less is more') will be nearly invisible.
WSVGP01 - Clear plastic vintage windscreen with mounting pins. Perfect for your Ferrari, Lancia or others. $6.00 ea.
WSVF101 - Clear plastic windshield for vintage Scalextric Ferrari 156 F1. $5.00 ea.
WSVF105 - Clear plastic windshield for vintage MRRC Honda RA273. May be used on other '60s F1 bodies. $5.00 ea.
WSVF108 - Clear plastic windshield for vintage Monogram Lotus 33. $6.00 ea.
WSSC01 - Clear plastic windshield for sportscars with pair of tabs on bottom for mounting. $5.00 ea.

Performance & Chassis Components

BWBBS - Ball Bearings for 3/32 axles (3/16" x 3/32") Single Flanged $6.00 / pr.
UHWN2 - No. 2 sized urethane washers perfect for mounting between chassis and body posts. (8 pieces per package) $2.00 /pckg
MAD01 - Motor adapter to convert NC2 to can drive NC1/BWA NC1 on Ninco classic chassis (ie. Healey). Snaps into place but gluing recommended. Molded in grey. $1.00 ea.

Scenic Elements

SB0101 - Urethane Straw Bales. Molded in yellow. 10 pieces per package. May be glued in place using Gorilla glue. May be painted with acrylic paint. 

See how they look on the Ring.

$10.00 /pckg

TS0101 - Urethane Tire Stacks. Molded in black, white or red (other colours available by special order). 10 pieces per package. May be glued in place using Gorilla glue or screwed down through centre of stack using a washer (screws & washers not included). 

See how they look on the Ring.

$10.00 /pckg

TIRE8 - (8 pack) Urethane Tall Tire Stacks

  • Molded in soft but durable urethane
  • Individual tire tall stacks each measure 46mm tall x 20mm wide (in diameter) and are perfect where you need a taller barrier
  • Two standard colours: Black & White (others available by special order)
  • No painting necessary
  • 8 tall stacks per package
$10.00 /pckg

TIREHALF - (4 pack) Urethane Half Tire Stack Rows

  • Molded in soft but durable urethane
  • Each half tire stack wall/barrier is 5 tires high x 5 half tire stacks wide and measures 29mm tall x 97mm wide x 10mm deep (and a perfect match with our tire short stacks) - equivalent to 10 tire short stacks ONLY CUT IN HALF (and 5 half stacks joined together in a single piece) for ease of installation
  • Molded in Black (other colours available by special order)
  • No painting necessary
  • 4 pieces per package
$10.00 /pckg

PYLON1 - 25 pack

  • Plastic Pylons/Traffic Cones
  • Molded in Bright Orange Plastic
  • 1:32 Scale
  • 25 Pieces

The Perfect Addition to your Circuit, Paddock or Diorama!

$10.00 /pckg

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